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Every Hand Joined is using the StriveTogether Framework to make a collective impact on our children’s success in school and life. Many communities are part of the StriveTogether network, although Red Wing is the smallest community to participate so far.

StriveTogether is a national organization that encourages “community stakeholders,” like businesses, schools, and nonprofits, to work together for the success of every child, from cradle to career. It all started back in 2006 when leaders in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky came together to figure out a way to interrupt a decline in kindergarten readiness, reading and math literacy, graduation rates, and college or technical training enrollment. These leaders were deeply committed to working together to help their children succeed. Within five years, The Strive Partnership, as the collaborative came to be known, had figured out effective ways to measure and improve student achievement by attending to the emotional, social and academic needs of their kids and teens.

Cincinnati’s success in changing the trajectory of their young people’s lives gained widespread attention. Other cities called and asked, “What are you doing and how can we do that?” In the process of sharing what they learned and working with other communities, the national organization StriveTogether was created.

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