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It’s hard to grasp: What exactly is Every Hand Joined trying to do? Perhaps the best way to help you understand this is to look at what another city has accomplished so far, which also is part of the national StriveTogether Network.

All Hands Raised in Portland, Oregon is about eight years ahead of our Every Hand Joined efforts. The collaborative produced its first major report – Chapter01 – in the summer of 2013 that describes why it started and more important than that, what has been achieved so far. For instance, leaders have

• Begun closing the high school graduation gap between students of color and white students
• Increased the number of ninth graders who are on track to graduate from high school
• Reduced the number of students registering late for kindergarten
• Developed a way to track school attendance and intervene with individual kids

The Every Hand Joined Partner Table and our networks are just beginning to explore what we know about our young people and where to focus our attention. We are confident that like Portland, we will have our own good news to report in the years ahead.