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Why this goal is important

It’s no secret that children who do well in school get on a college or technical training track that leads to earning a much better living than kids who don’t graduate high school or get on that career track. Every Hand Joined is concentrating, over the next several years, on supporting third grade reading, eighth grade algebra, and college or technical training readiness (see Goal 4 and Goal 5). In addition, we’re working to ensure that all kids are able to learn each day without the distraction of hunger so that they can succeed in school.

What we’re working on now:

  1. Third grade reading: National research strongly suggests that it is critical for kids to be skilled readers by third grade because after that, they must read in order to learn. We’re now exploring how to improve the reading skills of kids this age with our local elementary school teachers. We plan to assemble a team for third grade reading at a later date.
  2. Eighth grade algebra: Teens with hopes of getting good jobs need to development math skills by eighth grade because college, technical programs and employers require them. They cannot get by without these skills. The Math Network has been formed to gather research and data about eighth grade algebra.
  3. National research shows that hungry children don’t thrive in school, nor socially and emotionally. They can’t pay attention, they act up and miss school, and their grades suffer. The Hunger-Free Kids Network has been working on:
  • Increasing student participation in the school breakfast program.
  • Implementing a convenient grab-n-go breakfast station for high school students.
  • Implementing a grab-n-go breakfast station for Burnside Elementary School students.
  • Increasing knowledge of and participation in the Free and Reduced Meal Program.
  • Expanding the Summer Food Program in partnership with the United Way of Goodhue, Wabasha and Pierce Counties.

Who’s working on this goal?

Math Network

Hunger-Free Kids Network